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At Rise, our mission is to inspire healthy eating through organic gardening, as well as to provide a space where people of different races, religions, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds unite in fellowship and sustainable living.


Creating a community garden will help families learn how to produce food that will feed their families for generations to come. Our children will learn to effectively research and explore gardening techniques and develop skills to create their own recipes, businesses, and other opportunities as desired.

We have partnered with Dunbar ALC (Agriculture and Learning Center), a non-profit organization, whose mission is to empow​er and engage youth through agricultural fundamentals; fortifying leadership and work ethic skills for the purpose of nutrition sufficiency and contributing to the local food system. Dunbar ALC believes, “You give a child a fish, he will eat for a day, teach him how to fish, so he will eat for a lifetime”. Dunbar ALC works with other organizations to develop an effective gardening plan that will develop skills that may encourage young farming and other entrepreneurs.

Please carefully read the Rise Homeschool Classes Handbook and Liability Waiver. Complete the form and email it back to Submit your payment by clicking the registration button below. 

Rise Homeschool Classes Garden Handbook and Waiver

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