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14 Famous people you may be surprised to learn were homeschooled

From poets and scientists to sports stars and celebrities -- home-based education has helped many reach the highest levels of success.Homeschooling may still seem a little unusual, but a surprising number of highly successful people spent at least some time being educated at home.

As I put together this list, what I noticed were the many different reasons parents had for homeschooling their kids. For some, it was creating a more individualized education for a struggling student, for others it was so they could make their religious faith a part of the curriculum, and for still others it was a matter of simply growing up too far away from a school or traveling too much. There are many different reasons to homeschool.

There’s no one right way to educate a child, but it’s great that homeschooling is a resource for those who want and need it and — as these examples show — it can be a foundational experience that helps a child learn to use their unique gifts and fulfill their mission in life.

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