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Engaging homeschool classes for your students in K-12th grade. We have curated engaging life application lessons in each course using a multi-sensory approach. We strive to provide hands-on experiences for children that drive them to explore and excel in a culturally rich environment.  Our goal is to empower homeschooling families as they navigate the future of their children with tools for transcript building, SAT prep, Dual Credit opportunities, and portfolio creation. 

Our Purpose and Mission 

As two homeschool mom's that have endlessly navigated the various seasons of homeschooling over the last decade, we decided to BE the change we were in constant search for. It is our goal to create and nurture an environment for children to engage, experience, explore and thrive in. Having children of various ages and seeking to build a community that not only gives them the foundation they need to adequately succeed but to spark their imagination, inspire them to seek the truth and to lead others is important to us. 

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Class Descriptions

STEAM TUESDAYS: $225/mo with a $50/yr supply fee. 

  • 3D Printing: Have you heard of the newest craze in the technology industry? This isn’t science fiction, companies are taking this technology to print bridges, houses, and more. Now you can learn the basics of 3D printing for both home and hobby use through a series of projects to teach the critical skills of engineering and CAD design. Students will learn to design physical objects in the digital world and how to print them in the real world. 

  • Advanced Scratch: Video games are often the first and most memorable experience children have with computers. This class is about taking the fun of video games and using it to teach programming! In every lesson participants will learn and expand coding skills while using their critical and analytical skills to make video games, all of which can be taken home!

  • Arduino: Computers have become so cheap that with an Arduino almost any gadget is possible. From a smart door openers, home security cameras, and almost anything else with the Internet of Things (IOT). This class will take advanced students through a series of projects and programming steps as students create some amazing gadgets while learning all the skills they need to continue their learning at home.

  • EV 3 Robotics: What do you get when you cross LEGO®, robots, and a series of challenges and puzzles designed to challenge and motivate any middle schoolers? Lego Mindstormers® that’s what! This program is well-suited for the experienced and inexperienced programmer. We have gone all out to prepare a program that will incrementally teach programming and critical thinking skills while participants play, build, design and program their way through games, puzzles, and challenges.

  • Python: One of the most powerful programming languages, Python is an excellent first scripting language for intermediate or older students looking to program. Used in web and internet development, the scientific community for modeling and analysis, used by big companies like Google, Facebook, NASA, and Dropbox! With Python, students will learn to program computers and create games in a fun and highly interactive series of projects.


Art Adventures I & II: $70/mo with a $120 yearly supply fee. Art Adventures will allow your student to explore their creativity using various mediums and methods including painting, sculpting, and more! This class is closely related to our Origins class and allows students to artistically walk through those adventures in a multisensory hands-on way! This class is geared toward K- 5 students. 

Athletics/College Prep: $85/mo per class. $80/mo for basketball training. $145/mo for one class and training. 6% off each additional class.   

Biology with Lab: $85/mo with a $120 yearly supply fee. This course provides students with a basic understanding of biological principles. The course will cover atomic structure, bonding, reactions, states of matter, and solutions using the Apologia curriculum. This course is designed to prepare students planning to attend college who must complete a lab-based science course. 

Chemistry with Lab: $85/mo with a $120 yearly supply fee. This hands-on honors course provides students with a basic understanding of chemical principles. The course will cover atomic structure, bonding, reactions, states of matter, and solutions. This course is designed to prepare students planning to attend college who must complete a lab-based science course. Holt Chemistry Curriculum is used for this class.

Expedition through Journalism: $70/month. See teacher's syllabus for supply list.  Expedition through Journalism presents students with a one-year course that teaches the skills and information essential for reliable, accurate, and independent news reporting. This course addresses the fundamental skills associated with journalistic writing and presents students with the essential issues facing journalism today. Students are also taught about the various aspects of interviewing and photography skills necessary for yearbook creation and production. Students will learn basic principles of yearbook production and develop skills that include writing copy, captions, and headlines; digital photography; desktop publishing and the appropriate use of technology tools for media production. 

Future Focus$85/month. See teacher's syllabus for supply list.  (Thursday Class) Future Focus is a transformative class designed to empower youth with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to excel in college and pursue their desired career paths. Through interactive discussions, practical exercises, and expert guidance, students will gain clarity about their passions, interests, and strengths, and develop a personalized roadmap for success. They will explore college options, learn about the college application process, and receive valuable insights into scholarships, financial aid, and career opportunities. With a focus on essential skills like time management, communication, and networking, Future Focus equips students with the tools they need to thrive in the competitive college and career landscape and achieve their goals with confidence. 

Future Focus: Athletic Edition: $85/month (Wednesday Class) is a dynamic class designed to guide young athletes toward success in academics and sports. Through interactive discussions, practical exercises, and expert advice, students will refine their goals, explore college athletic programs, and master the recruitment process. This course emphasizes test-taking skills, professionalism, and effective communication, alongside insights into internships and scholarships. With a focus on character development and strategic time management, Future Focus prepares students to excel in the competitive landscape of college sports and beyond, equipping them with the comprehensive skills needed to thrive professionally and personally.

Journey through Spanish A & B$50/month. See teacher's syllabus for supply list.  Embark on a captivating Journey through Spanish, a dynamic and immersive class that will transport youth into the vibrant world of the Spanish language and culture. Through interactive activities, engaging conversations, and hands-on experiences, this class focuses on building conversational Spanish skills. 

K-2 Core Explorers: $250/mo full day; $185/mo for half day. See teacher's syllabus for supply list. 

The K-2 Core Explorers Program aims to ignite a lifelong love for exploration and learning in the areas of science, grammar, history, geography, math, and phonics. By providing opportunities for hands-on experiences, immersive adventures, and meaningful interactions, it opens doors to new horizons and inspires young minds to become lifelong learners and active contributors to society.

Math and Money Quest: $70/month. See teacher's syllabus for supply list. Using a collection of fun games, multi-sensory activities, and real-life application models, Math and Money Quest will teach students the basics of money management at an early age. Students will be able to gain a better understanding of what money is, how money should be used, and how to conduct everyday activities around money (grocery shopping, budgeting, saving, and basic investing). They will also learn basic fraction, decimal, and percent concepts and entrepreneurship. They will never wonder what this kind of math is actually good for in real life. This class is catered to 3rd-5th grade students. $70/month. See teacher's syllabus for supply list.  

Math Trek 7/8: $70/month. See teacher's syllabus for supply list. Using a mixture of Saxon and hands-on methods, students will embark on a journey to explore the foundational principles of pre-algebra. We will use engaging teaching methods, projects, and presentations that demonstrate the use of math in the real world. This class will adequately prepare students for excelling in Algebra I and later Algebra II.  

Math Trek Algebra I & II: $70/month. See teacher's syllabus for supply list. Using a mixture of Saxon and hands-on methods, students will embark on a journey to explore the foundational principles of algebra. Through interactive activities, projects, and real-world applications, students will develop a solid understanding of algebraic expressions, equations, inequalities, and functions. Get ready to solve puzzles, tackle challenges, and discover the power of algebra in various contexts.  


Continuing in Saxon, we will build on the foundation laid in Algebra I, Algebra II takes students on a continued adventure into more advanced algebraic concepts. Through hands-on investigations and dynamic problem-solving activities, students will dive deeper into topics such as polynomials, quadratic equations, exponential functions, and logarithms. We will explore how these concepts apply to real-world scenarios, unleashing your problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities. These math courses can be classified as honors-level courses.

Math Trek Geometry:  $70/month. See teacher's syllabus for supply list. In geometry, students will delve into the study of lines, angles, shapes, and spatial relationships. Using the Saxon curriculum, hands-on activities, problem-solving tasks, and interactive investigations, you will develop a deep understanding of geometric concepts and their applications in the real world. You will have the opportunity to construct and manipulate geometric figures, explore geometric transformations, and analyze patterns and properties. This is an honors-level math course. $70/month. See teacher's syllabus for supply list. 

Origins I & II : $85/mo with a $120 yearly supply fee. Steeped in rich history, Origins walks students through an ancient timeline that begins with creation and culminates in the post-classical era (5000 BC to 500 AD). We will explore various ancient societies to learn how they were built, how their history aligns with the Bible, and how their contributions continue to impact our world today. Using the comprehensive timeline as an anchor for the course, students will engage in assignments that focus on critical thinking, reading and essay writing, grammar and vocabulary skills, oratory presentations, geography, and science. Origins Elementary is geared toward students in the 3rd - 6th grades. Origins UppeIr is for students in the 7th - 12th grades. While all of the lectured material remains the same, each assignment will vary in difficulty based on the corresponding grade level.

Origins Science I & II: $85/mo with a $120 yearly supply fee. Science Exploration is an extension of our Origins capstone class. It provides students with a scientific, hands-on program that explores God’s creation using the comprehensive timeline found in the Origins curriculum as its base. Topics of study will include physical science, engineering, astronomy, life science, and chemistry with an emphasis on the scientific method, good lab procedures, and organizational skills (including note-taking and keeping an organized notebook). Science Exploration Elementary is geared toward 3rd - 5th-grade students. Science Exploration Middle is geared toward students in the 6th  - 8th grades. 

Rise to Write: $85/month Building Skills with Handwriting Without Tears. Rise to Write is a specially designed course for students in grades 2-4 that utilizes the acclaimed Handwriting Without Tears program to develop and enhance handwriting skills. This course focuses on laying the foundations of fine motor and visual motor skills essential for effective handwriting. Through engaging, hands-on activities, students will learn proper letter formation, improve their grip, and gain the confidence needed for fluent writing. Rise to Write is perfect for young learners looking to master the art of handwriting in a fun and supportive environment.

The Wealth Challenge (Personal Finance): $85/month. Please see teacher's syllabus for supply list. The Wealth Challenge is a fun and interactive personal finance class designed to empower youth with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to navigate their future finances with confidence and success. Through immersive activities, real-world simulations, and hands-on experiences, students will learn the fundamentals of budgeting, saving, investing, and wise financial decision-making. This class goes beyond traditional finance education by making learning exciting and engaging, allowing students to apply their knowledge to real-life scenarios and develop practical money management skills. $70/month. See teacher's syllabus for supply list.  

Additional resources we seek to provide students and parents within the community include: Coordinating volunteer hours for students through our Passion to Purpose Youth Foundation, assisting with transcript prep and portfolio creation; providing information on high school resume-building activities like Teen Pact; assisting with organizing outside-of-class activities like student council, yearbook, newsletter, field trips, and entrepreneurial exploration. 

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